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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Floor Plan

Want more energy and fun at your reception? Put the DJ directly in front of the dance floor! It's that simple! I've done some weddings where they have put tables directly in front of me and my speakers, stuck me all the way in the corner, or even worse, behind a curtain! (see posting: I Can DJ Blind-folded) As a Master of Ceremonies, it is very important that I can see the majority of the people in the room to welcome them, gain their trust, and to engage them. That's part of the process of creating and building energy. (difficult to do if they can't even see me!)

I realize in some cases, it's just not possible to have the DJ in front of the dance floor due to the shape of the room or the number of tables. If you have to put tables in front of the DJ or his speakers, make sure the guests at those tables are younger. The last thing we all want is for grandpa's earpiece to explode. Have fun!

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