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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Rock & Roll Wedding

When I arrived at Eric and Cindy's wedding reception to set-up, I noticed there was no guest book for people to sign on the table near the entrance. OH NO!! What happened? Did someone steal it? Were they just trying to conserve paper? Maybe someone forgot to bring it! Not quite! Eric and Cindy had the guests sign their electric guitar instead! (Eric plays guitar) What an awesome idea! Here is a picture.
Cindy and Eric certainly did many other non-traditional things on their big day which I just loved! Got a sweet tooth? Well, just step right up to their huge candy table and enjoy some M&M's, Snickers, Red Vine's, Skittles, Mike & Ike's, Tootsie Rolls, and a ton of other candy. YUMMY!
In front of each place setting on the dinner tables, there was a guitar pick attached to a card that read: "In Lieu of traditional favors, a donation has been made to "Rock For Kids" in your honor." What an awesome idea because most people don't know what to do with those favors anyway. (unless you can eat them) Rock for Kids is a non-profit organization that provides support, hope, and inspiration to under-served children and teens. Here is their website.
To continue with the rock theme, they asked me play " Welcome to The Jungle" by Guns and Roses during their introduction which I happily did. Here are their other special songs:

First Dance: "That's How Strong My Love Is" - Otis Redding
Groom-Mother Dance: "Unforgettable" - Nat King Cole

What a fun night. What a unique night. What a sweet night for a super-sweet couple! (pun intended)


  1. Thank you Rich! You are, hands down, by far, without one single doubt, the BEST emcee - period.

  2. Thank you...you are very sweet. And you are VERY welcome! It was my pleasure. I'm glad that you had so much fun. I had fun watching you all dance! And best of all, we get to do it all over again at your cousin's wedding in August! See you then. Take care.

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    They sound like a very fun and extremely generous couple. Thanks for sharing Rich.