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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Engagement Rings only $19.99 at Target!

I took this photo with my left arm stretched out in front of us just 5 minutes before I proposed to Silvi. As for the proposal, everything did not go according to plan (but we wouldn't want to change a thing!)

My plan was simple: get the ring, spend a romantic weekend by the ocean, and pop the question. The day before Silvi and I were leaving for our romantic getaway in San Simeon, I found out “the real” engagement ring would be not be delivered on time. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to propose another weekend or get a “stand-in” ring until the real one arrived. I decided to look for another ring the day we were leaving. I told her that I wanted to stop by a friendly, neighborhood Target store to get some of those jalapeƱo-flavored pretzels that I love. The first Target had only size 7 and 8 rings but her finger is a cute little size 4.5! After the second Target store, I found out they didn’t carry any smaller sizes so I decided to buy her a size 7 ring with a fake 2-carat diamond. I felt like a high-roller walking out of the store with that ring.

I removed all of the songs from my Ipod and then added only one song: “Eres Para Mi” (You are for Me) by Julieta Venegas. This was the first song I bought for her when we first started seeing each other almost 2 years ago. On a bench by the ocean, I told her to listen to my ipod. As she was enjoying the song and singing out loud, I stopped a couple from Holland who were walking by and asked if they could snap some pictures because I was getting ready to propose to my girlfriend. They were so excited to be a part of it and said yes. The man took a practice picture of me hugging her and the camera died instantly! He said, “Don’t worry, I have the exact same camera as you and I always carry an extra battery”. He reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out a freshly charged battery, and stuck it in our camera. Amazing! What are the chances that a guy from the other side of the world would have an extra battery that fit our camera? He ended up taking about 20 photos.

Silvi loved my proposal and we had a very romantic weekend. She also loved that I got down on one knee too. She has her real ring now but will keep "the cheapy" forever because it will always be a part of our history (and she thought what I did was funny). I am so glad she has a sense of humor! Here is a picture of us with the couple from Holland. They were so sweet.