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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

Happy Thanksgiving! What a great day already! I volunteered with my nephew Jeffrey this morning at the 2nd Annual Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot in downtown San Jose. This is a great 10k walk and run with proceeds benefitting the Second Harvest Food Bank. Over 3000 people turned out for this wonderful event. I was asked to help with the announcements at the main stage. I think I can handle that! How fun! I usually wear my tuxedo when I MC Events but they told me to dress very casual. Don't I look so stylish in my jeans and volunteer t-shirt? You bet!

The Second Harvest Food Bank (http://www.2ndharvest.net/) is my favorite local charity and I usually volunteer there 3 or 4 times a month. The Second Harvest Food Bank provides food for over 170,000 people every month! This is an amazing organization almost completely run by volunteers. Would you like to join me and volunteer? Each shift is only 2 to 3 hours! You can come in after work on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm or Saturday mornings from 9am-noon. It's easy work and you can meet other kind people just like yourself. If so, give me a call or go to the website I linked above to sign up. I hope to see you there!

Now I am off to my Mom's house to eat. And after I eat, I will eat a little more! It's a good thing my health club is open tomorrow!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Big Fat Italian Wedding

Last night, I was at The Stockton Golf & Country Club. As I was unloading my equipment, I saw Alex Spanos (the owner of the San Diego Chargers) getting out of his $400,000 car. I wouldn't have recognized him but one of the Club employee's happily pointed him out to me. He is a member there at the Country Club and lives in Stockton. Nice car. But for the same price, I CAN BUY A CONDO!

Let me also say that I NEVER go to Stockton for weddings. And when I say never, I mean never! (well, except for this one) But I've known the Bride Esther for many years and just couldn't pass up the chance of being the DJ at her reception. There were 250 Italians in one room for this grand celebration and I was pumped up!

For dinner, Chris and Ester wanted a very unique blend of background music including Italian, Reggae, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Smooth Jazz. After dinner, Chris and Ester walked around table to table to say hello to the guests and pass out the traditional Bomboniere Italian Wedding Favors. Their request list for dancing leaned heavily in favor of 70's music which is always fun. Ester's dad danced almost every song during the evening. He was so fun to watch because he was going around the room and grabbing people out of their chairs to dance with him. He must have had 25 different dance partners...my kind of guy!

RANDOM NOTE: The guests arrived ONE HOUR EARLY to the reception! I couldn't believe it! They hired me to DJ from 5pm-10pm but the guests started coming in at 4pm! You gotta be kidding me! It's a good thing that I was already there and set-up. I started playing some background music immediately so everything was fine. (I didn't charge them for the extra hour because they were so sweet!)