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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Can DJ Blind-folded!

Sound crazy? Perhaps. But after Tim and Gerri's reception, I would put money on it. Why? Because, for the entire reception, I was stuck behind a big curtain and none of the guests ever saw me. EVER! And I could not see them! Let me explain...

The Bride, Gerri, warned me ahead of time that there was a mural on the back wall of the stage showcasing a barn, some cows, and a pasture. I'm pretty sure I even saw some cow "droppings" on it as well. Of course, they didn't want anyone to see this very "unique" mural so they pinned the curtain closed on the stage and then stuck me behind it. That's right! THE DJ WAS BEHIND THE CURTAIN! It was very odd. I was like the person who makes the announcements at a department store (you always hear their voice but you don't know where they are). Attention shoppers, we have a great deal in our garden department!

Now, I'm not a guy who needs to be in the spotlight. But, in order to read the crowd, it helps to actually see the crowd! Not an easy task when they bury you backstage with the broken chairs and empty kegs! It was a challenge and I had to adapt (and as long as they danced, I didn't really care). But every now and then I would walk downstairs and peek outside to make sure there were people on the dance floor. Yup, still dancing! The funny thing is...they had so much fun that they paid me to stay an extra hour!
Overall, it was a great reception but definitely one of the weirdest experiences of my career. Hey! Next time, I will try DJ'ing with both of my arms tied behind my back and my mouth taped shut. I will be the Harry Houdini of the DJ world.

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