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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hey, that was my water!

So, there I was, watching everyone dancing on the dance floor at my event, when something odd happened. Actually, it was more funny than odd. A woman came off of the dance floor, walked over to my side table, picked up my glass of water, and started drinking it. She finished what I had in the glass and then walked away!

My first thought was, Man, she certainly was thirsty. My second thought was, Hey, that was my water! I looked around to see if maybe there was another glass of water or another drink close by (maybe she was just confused and grabbed the wrong one). Nope. No other drinks in the area! I guess she was so thirsty that she was on a mission to find the closest glass of something, anything, to quench her thirst. Yes, I was the victim of water theft. I called security and had her removed from the facility. (Okay, I made the last part up)


  1. Lucky this didn't happen in Singapore. I believe the punishment is 12 lashes with a wet tablecloth.

  2. lol. Luckily, there was more water available. Have a great weekend Oren!