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Monday, August 31, 2009

Erin and Michael

I have had many types of clients over the years. Some are extremely detail-oriented. They like to give me excel spreadsheets and graphs and charts of their wedding day. Some even give me enough music requests for 3 or 4 wedding receptions. (That always makes me laugh!) Erin and Michael were just the opposite. Don't get me wrong...they were organized. They even requested some fun songs. But they were just so easy-going about everything which I thought was cool. They skipped the big formal Bridal Party Introduction and the Bouquet and Garter toss as well. Basically, they wanted to hear some great music, dance, and enjoy the time with their friends and family. And they did! Here is a pic of me taking some notes. I didn't even know the photographer took this picture until he sent it to me! Photos from Dai P. LuongErin and Michael chose Villa Ragusa in downtown Campbell to celebrate their wedding. I've been there many times and it is a great place for events! It was an intimate gathering for 60 of their friends and family. They danced to a variety of music from Michael Jackson to the Beatles and Justin Timberlake. Here are some of their special dances:

First Dance: "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds Five
Father-Daughter Dance: "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong
Farewell Dance: "Breathless" by Better Than Ezra
Here is a fun pic of the Groom, Michael, having fun on the dance floor with his friends and new wife Erin! Nice moves...and looking sharp!


  1. Nice photo of you checking off the song list, Rich! It was a real pleasure working with you as Erin & Mike's photographer. They are a very unique couple! :)

  2. Hi Dai. It was great working with you as well...great photos. Yes, Erin and Michael were very unique and very fun! Enjoy the rest of your summer!