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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Advice: Dimming The Lights

Many venues think it is very romantic to dim the lights once the dancing starts. Others think that people won't dance if the lights are too bright. (Wrong!) Don't get me wrong, dimming the lights a little is okay. Some people take it to the extreme though. I was at a venue just a few weeks ago where the person in charge dimmed them so low that we could barely see each other. It felt like a cheesy dive-lounge. I was waiting for some Frank Sinatra impersonator to pop out and start singing.

Personally, when I dance with my girlfriend, I want to be able to see her face! The sad part is, the video and photographer's work usually suffers because they have to use those bright flashes and lights that blind and annoy everyone. And who pays the ultimate price? You do! You will see shadows and more in your photos and video. I usually have to go and tell someone to turn the lights back up. Make sure you tell the person in charge of your reception at the facility ahead of time not to dim the lights too low at your reception. You will be glad you did. (And so will your photographer and videographer)

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