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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where was Goofy?

Ryan had the perfect plan for his proposal. Since Jamie absolutely loved Disneyland, he would propose to her right in front of the castle, at the park, with the help of Goofy. (He had pre-arranged everything with Disney park officials) Actually, Goofy was the one who was going to drop down to his knees with the ring and propose to her. Then, Ryan was going to cut him off, grab the ring, get down on one knee, and propose to her himself. It was the perfect plan...fun, cute, and very romantic. Well...it could have been the perfect plan. Disneyland Management called Ryan 5 days before their trip down south to let him know that characters are no longer allowed to be involved in engagements due to liabilities. What a shame! Ryan could not sleep for 5 days. He wasn't sure what to do. After much thought, he ended up proposing to her in front of the castle anyway and she, of course, said yes...but without the help of Goofy! Well, at least he still gets to marry his true love! The celebration at Peachwood's Steakhouse in Santa Cruz went a lot smoother for them and their 140 guests. Just look how cute they are!
Here are their special dance choices:

First Dance: "From This Moment" by Shania Twain
Father-Daughter: "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw
Groom-Mother: "Proud" by Steven Curtis Chapman

They had a great time and even had an opportunity to sing "Happy Birthday" to Ryan's grandmother, Dorothy, who turned 87! And now, they're off to Italy! Arrivederci!

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