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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Let's Do It Again.

13 years ago, Kristen and Tony got married. But they decided to skip the big wedding and use the money to buy a house instead. They had an intimate little gathering for about 20 people in their backyard with simple sandwich trays and some beer. They didn't even do a First Dance!

Fast forward 13 years later (and 3 daughter's). Kristen and Tony decided to re-new their vows and have a real celebration with their friends and family this time. Around 80 guests celebrated with them last night. The funny thing is, around 25-30 of those 80 guests were children. That's a lot of kids! I did an event several years ago with that many kids and it made me want to invest in a tranquilizer gun. lol. But these kids were awesome and behaved so well and I really enjoyed playing their requests. (and boy did they request a lot!)
Tony and Kristen planned a very simple, fun, and informal reception which I loved. They skipped the formal introductions and bouquet and garter as well. Everyone knew this night was going be different when they arrived and found lollipops on all of the tables. It was very cute. And of course the kids (and some of the adults) loved them.
Here it is, finally, their First Dance! ("I Cross My Heart" by George Strait) Better late than never! It was beautiful. Tony's buddy Joe, who works with him as a firefighter in Campbell, performed the very sweet vow-renewal ceremony. What a fun night.

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