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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wedding - Holbert Palmer Park

What a wonderful person the Bride was. Positive. Appreciative. Kind. Every time we talked, she just oozed happiness and kindness. It was like a shot of espresso. I always looked forward to speaking with her during the planning process. She made this such a unique and fun celebration for her guests (not to mention her new husband Chad). And they deserved it.

Holbert Palmer Park in Atherton was the setting for this celebration for 178 people. Christie happened to pick one of the hottest days of the year to have an outdoor dinner! A bit uncomfortable for many at the beginning but once the sun went behind the trees, smiles and laughter were everywhere.

Local Italian Tenor Pasquale Esposito sang during the dinner. (http://www.italianmusicman.com/ ) He is a very talented singer that can sing some great Italian songs and also favorites from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. The guests loved him.First Dance: Viene Su (sung by Pasquale)
Father-Daughter Dance: What A Wonderful World - Willie Nelson

The Tie Tree - I have never seen this before and thought it was very cool. All of the guys were invited to take their tie off and loosen up a bit. All they had to do was find their name tag and stick it on their tie. Then just hang their tie on the Tie Tree next to the gift table. I am sure the guys loved this idea considering how hot it was. To honor Chad for serving our country (thanks Chad!!), a second cake was made just for him. This cake was a Tank. All of the guests went outside at the end of the evening with sparklers. Christie and Chad walked through the middle of all the people with sparklers as photos were shot and the video rolled. Then they hopped in the limo and drove off into the sunset.

Random note: I love the smell of sparklers.

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